Comic Review: Old Man Logan

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Comic Review: Old Man Logan

Wolverine Old Man Logan

Wolverine Old Man Logan

Set 50 years in a future where the supervillans have won and Wolverine is a broken man. This Marvel title is written by Mark Millar (Secret Service, Kick-Ass) and illustrated by Steve McNiven (Meridian, The New Avengers).

Some time ago all the supervillans got together and eradicated the superheros. The world is now run by bad guys and any one who used to be good have long since abandoned any such idea. Wolverine lives a solitary life with his wife and kids but times are tough. Owing money to the family of Hulks, he reluctantly takes a job transporting a package across the country with Hawkeye.

Wow, wow, wow amazing series. The idea behind it is so rich with history that has yet to be explored. They could easily start an ongoing series of Old Man Logan. If you haven’t read this yet, you need to get on this.

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