Comic Review: Planet Hulk

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Comic Review: Planet Hulk

Planet Hulk

Planet Hulk

The Hulk is sent to another planet and is enslaved in gladiatorial games. This Mavel Comic title is written by Greg Pak (War Machine, Battlestar Galactica) and illustrated by Carlo Pagulayan (Elektra, Emma Frost).

Waking up in a spaceship the hulk listen’s to a recording. It explains that it’s to dangerous for everyone to have him live on Earth any more. He is being sent to a planet with no other humanoid life. Veering off course he crash lands on a planet called Sakaar. An obedience disk is forced upon the Hulk and he is put into slavery. Sent to an arena along with other slaves, they must fight for their lives in gladiator style games for the pleasure of the King and the people of Sakaar.

A perfect setting for the ferociousness of the Hulk. The artwork helps to show off this brand new planet, its people, wilderness and wildlife. If you enjoyed this comic check out the Planet Hulk animated movie.

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