Comic Review: The Hood Blood From Stones

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Comic Review: The Hood Blood From Stones

The Hood Blood From Stones

The Hood Blood From Stones

The story of a petty criminal and how he happened upon a hood with special powers.  A Marvel MAX imprint written by Brian K. Vaughan (Y:The Last Man, Runaways) and illustrated by Kyle Hotz (The Nightman, Incredible Hulk).

Parker Robbins is a good guy who just happens to be a criminal, like his father. With a pregnant wife at home, a girl on the side¬† and his mother’s medical bills, he’s gonna need a steady cash flow. During a robbery something unexpected happens, he is attacked by a demon. A fight ensues and Parker kills the demon, leaving behind a hood and boots. Soon he will find out the dark powers behind these items.

Very interesting story, good mix of supernatural and crime. Thanks to it being on MAX imprint the serious and dark tone of being a criminal is not held back.

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