Comic Review: Siege

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Comic Review: Siege



It’s a war between the superhero’s of earth and the gods of Asgard. A Marvel Comic event written by Brian Michael Bendis (The New Avengers, Daredevil) and illustrated by Olivier Coipel (The Legion, Avengers).

Asgard now exists on earth floating above Broxton, Oklahoma. This doesn’t sit well with Norman Osbourn, who goes all the way to the President. He tries to convince him to declare war on the Asgardians but is shot down. After seeking his help, Loki helps Norman create his justification for war. What ensues is an all out war between Earth and the Asgardians.

Decent story, not the best but has a couple events with serious lasting consequences. As usual with these big story lines a ton of different people are involved. If you’ve enjoyed previous marvel events like Civil War or Avengers Disassembled give this a try.

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