Comic Review: Batman Superman #1

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Comic Review: Batman Superman #1

Batman Superman #1

Batman Superman #1

DC Comics have released a new reincarnation of the Batman and Superman love hate relationship in the new Batman and Superman series. The story is penned by Greg Pak (Incredible Hulk/Incredible Hercules, World War Hulk, Magneto: The Testament) and drawn by Jae Lee (Dark Towers, Inhumans, Transformers/GI Joe Dreamwave).

The story begins with their early days as they struggle with the concept of being heroes as well as getting to trust and rely on each other. The story so far is well written and captivating. After reading the first issue, I was craving for more. The artwork is not the best I’ve seen from Jae Lee. His usual trademark dark, gritty tone does fit the theme and direction of the story but it is not as detailed as his previous work .

I would recommend reading this series for the fact that you would want to see two of biggest characters in the DC library together. They are basically the comic book version of the “ODD COUPLE”.  Could this series foreshadow what we could expect from the recently announced “Superman Batman” movie?

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