Comic Review: RED

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Comic Review: RED



If you’ve seen the movie you should give the comic from DC a try. It’s like the movie except it’s not funny, happy, quirky or witty. But it is dark and violent which is just as good–probably better. Warren Ellis (Scars, Doktor Sleepless) shows us why you should leave CIA assassins alone.

Paul Moses is a retired CIA agent who spends his time in peace and quite. That is until the newly appointed Director of the CIA is briefed on certain operations. Concerned that these actions will see the light of day, extreme measures are taken. Soon Paul is looking for answers and those caught in his path will die.

Cully Hamner (Blue Beetle, Firearm) illustrations match the pace of ferociousness and violence. It makes you think about the possibilities of the CIA and likely hood that these people exist.

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