Comic Review: Before Watchmen Comedian/Rorschach

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Comic Review: Before Watchmen Comedian/Rorschach

Before Watchmen Comedian/Rorschach

Before Watchmen Comedian/Rorschach

Watchmen is back with 2 of its darker members, the Comedian and Rorschach. This DC title is written by Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets, Spaceman) with The Comedian illustrated by J.G. Jones (Doc Savage, 52) and illustrations for Rorschach by Lee Bermejo (Joker, Daredevil)

In The Comedian, we see where he fits throughout modern history. It turns out he has a long standing history with the Kennedy family. Also we see his time during the Vietnam war and the atrocities he has committed. In Rorschach, we get a deeper look into who the man really is and what makes him tick. More than once he is entrenched in violence and fighting for his survival. Soon he finds himself being the prey when he thinks that he is the predator.

Both series have a firm story line that they stick to. The Comedian is centered on historical events and the parts he did or didn’t play in them. Extremely violent and unforgiving while he carries out his missions. With Rorschach, it’s all about what he does during the day and how it leads to his night time excursions. It’s full of the guttural journal entries that we’ve all come to enjoy. A great read from the Before Watchmen series.

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