Comic Review: City Of Others

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Comic Review: City Of Others

City Of Others

City Of Others

Zombies and vampires seem to be popping up together more and more these days. City Of Others is one such comic from Dark Horse. Written by Steve Niles (Simon Dark, 30 Days Of Dark) and Bernie Wrightson (Creepy, Batman: The Cult) with Bernie doing the illustrations as well.

Blud is a killer for hire and he is good at his job. Feeling no emotions about those he kills is what makes him so ruthless. During a job he runs into a problem, they won’t die. Following some clues he finds a group of what can only be rationalized as zombies. They lead him to a house in the middle of nowhere. From there it only gets weirder, it’s full of vampires. Now all that’s left for him is to make sense of the situation he’s in.

The back story between the zombies and vampires is really compelling. It practically begs for a prequel. As full of blood and guts as it is plot. At first glance it may look like a simple versus comic but it is so much more.

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