Comic Review: Earth 2 Volume 1 The Gathering

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Comic Review: Earth 2 Volume 1 The Gathering

Earth 2 Volume 1 The Gathering

Earth 2 Volume 1 The Gathering

When the world’s greatest superhero’s die saving the planet, new ones are chosen to take their place. DC’s Earth 2 is written by James Robinson (Starman, Firearm) and illustrated by Nicola Scott (Teen Titans, Secret Six).

The world was coming to end until 3 superhero’s made the ultimate sacrifice. Knowing it was the only way to save everyone Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman laid down their lives. Years later the worlds is soon to be in danger again but no one knows it yet. New hero’s come together and are chosen to protect the world in The Gathering.

Explosive start with the death’s of the big 3. You are left wondering how all this came to pass. Interesting take on the origin’s of these new hero’s. I like how some of them are regular people who just become endowed with their powers out of nowhere.

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