Comic Review: Fashion Beast

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Comic Review: Fashion Beast

Fashion Beast

Fashion Beast

Alan Moore (V For Vendetta, Watchmen)  is back with an old movie script that Avatar decided to help make into a graphic novel. Artist Facundo Percio (Anna Mercury, Broken Trinity) brings to life Fashion Beast.

With the country at war and nuclear winter seemingly immanent everyone’s mind is on one thing–fashion. Celestine is the biggest designer in the country and and yet no one has ever seen him. Holed up in his warehouse the only time people see even a shadow, is when he picks new models. There begins the new life of Doll, the newest model.

Being that this was written in 1985 you can definitely see the influences of the time. It takes a few issues to get an idea of what’s going on. But once you do it’s a compelling read.

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