Comic Review: Final Crisis

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Comic Review: Final Crisis

Final Crisis

Final Crisis

What happens when evil wins? Darkseid is on the path to total victory in this DC title written by Grant Morrison (Happy!, Action Comics) and illustrated by J.G. Jones (Wonder Woman, Doc Savage).

Darkseid has gained control over the anti-life equation, something he has been trying to accomplish for a very a long time. Rallying the forces of evil to his side, he begins to gain control over reality, killing those standing in his way. Fighting a seeming impossible battle where evil has already won. Batman and Superman and their allies do everything in their power to stop the entire universe from falling to the anti-life equation. It may be to late to win the war that was lost before it even started.

Final Crisis is a very dividing series. Some people claim it is one of the best series ever, while others say it’s impossible to follow and makes no sense. Personally I found it a difficult read but it was one of the first comics I ever read. Give it a read and see which side you fall on.

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