Comic Review: Fear Itself

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Comic Review: Fear Itself

Fear Itself

Fear Itself

Asgardian weapons have fallen to earth that change anyone who comes in contact with them. A Marvel event following Siege that is written by Matt Fraction (Iron Fist, Hawkeye) and illustrated by Stuart Immonen (Legion Of Super-Heroes, Action Comics).

Red Skull’s daughter, Sin, finds the Hammer of Skadi turning her into Skadi, the Herald of the Serpent. She frees the serpent from its prison and releases the seven hammers of the Serpent’s generals. Those who touch the hammer’s become the fallen generals. When Odin learns of this, he withdraws from Earth against the pleas of Thor. What could have made Odin so worried that he would leave the planet?

Like many of the Marvel events, big battles ensue as well as unexpected deaths. Artwork was amazing but the series felt kinda formulaic. Still worth a read if you haven’t had the chance yet.

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