Comic Review: Secret Invasion

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Comic Review: Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion

This is a Marvel series of epic proportions.  An invasion by the Skrull race is imminent and it seems like the war will be over before it even starts. This Marvel event is written by Brian Michael Bendis (The Mighty Avengers, Sam and Twitch) and illustrated by Leinil Yu (X-Men, Wolverine).

The Earth is in grave danger but no one knows yet. Tony Stark has made a startling discovery.  The woman he thought was Elektra turned out to be a Skrull. Somehow this Skrull has the ability to shape-shift that is completely undetectable to mutant powers, magic powers and technology. Knowing this is only beginning. Tony ask the two smartest people on the planet, Hank Pym and Reed Richards, for help but with the possibility that anyone is a Skrull, who can they trust?

Another one of the big Marvel crossovers, everyone is affected by the invasion. You never really know who is themselves and with no hints, you only find out when they want you to. With tons of twists and turns, you really get addicted once you start reading as it seems utterly hopeless for the heroes of Earth. If you want to know about the aftermath of Secret Invasion, check out the Dark Reign titles.

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