Comic Review: Batman Earth One Volume 1

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Comic Review: Batman Earth One Volume 1

Batman Earth One Volume 1

Batman Earth One Volume 1

Retelling of the Batman Origin story from Earth One .  Part of the Earth One Series alongside Superman and Wonder Woman. This DC comic is written by Geoff Johns (The Flash, JSA) and illustrated by Gary Frank (Supreme Power, Supergirl).

When Bruce Wayne was a young child he had his parents taken away from him. When a mugger takes Bruce, a struggle breaks out and during the commotion his parents are killed. Alfred is now Bruce’s legal guardian. Over the years Bruce can’t let the thought of his parents go and asks Alfred to help train him. When he reaches his twenty’s, Bruce feels ready to find the man who killed his parents.

A much more emotional Batman than we are used to, very angry at the world. The changes of his earlier years are only tweaked a tiny bit, so the story stays in Gotham for the whole time. If you enjoyed vol 1, number 2 is coming out in 2014.

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