Comic Review: Jonny Double

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Comic Review: Jonny Double

Jonny Double

Jonny Double

This is the comic that brought Brain Azzarello (Wonder Woman, Deathblow) and Eduardo Risso (Spaceman, Vamps) together for the very first time. Jonny Double from Vertigo is what eventually lead to 100 Bullets.

Jonny Double is a down on his luck aging private investigator. He’s barely getting by with the money he makes and his latest client turned up dead. His luck may be turning around on his next job though. The girl he is being paid to keep tabs on has told him of a 5 figure heist. It’s guaranteed to be a walk in the park. But with everything going so well, can it really be that easy?

I find that with the artwork of Risso you can get the faces mixed up from time to time. If you’ve read 100 Bullets you will defiantly see some characters that started out in this series. Not the same people exactly but their essence and looks. A quick read that will be enjoyed all the more knowing how far Azzarello and Risso have come since.

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