Comic Review: Justice League Volume 1 Origin

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Comic Review: Justice League Volume 1 Origin

Justice League Volume 1 Trashed

Justice League Volume 1 Trashed

It’s the origin story of how all the members meet for the first time and formed the Justice League.  Written by Geoff Johns (Green Lantern, 52) and illustrated by Jim Lee (Gen 13, Deathblow), it’s the world’s most powerful team.

The DC Universe has been changed after the events of Flashpoint. Some changes are small and barley noticeable, while others are drastic. With the Justice League, the members have not even meet yet. A dramatic event is on the horizon that will cross the paths of these hero’s. With a great evil too powerful for any one person, they will need to ban together. Unfortunately it may take awhile before they actually work together.

Great jumping on point if you are new to the Justice League. It definitely sows the seeds for the current Trinity War. Also the origin of cyborg and how he was created is part of this volume.

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