Comic Review: JLA Volume 7 Tower Of Babel

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Comic Review: JLA Volume 7 Tower Of Babel

JLA Volume 7 Tower Of Babel

JLA Volume 7 Tower Of Babel

How can you stop the Justice League, the most powerful team on the planet. That is the question posed by writer Mark Waid (The Brave and The Bold, Indestructible Hulk) and artist Howard Porter (Aquaman, Doc Savage) in DC’s Tower Of Babel.

Batman has a plan for everything but what does he do when they are used against him. Someone has stolen files on how to defeat all the members of the Justice League and are implementing them. It’s up to Batman to save his friends and find out who is behind all this. Even if he can do this, will the Justice League ever forgive him?

Great tale about the strongest superheros and how they deal with being utterly helpless. If you are a big Batman fan this is just one more reason as to why he kicks so much ass. But, even he is left vulnerable at some point in the story.

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