Comic Review: Who Is Jake Ellis

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Comic Review: Who Is Jake Ellis

Who Is Jake Ellis

Who Is Jake Ellis

Interesting tale of a man who is being guided by a mysterious voice.  Image comic series written by Nathan Edmondson (Dancer, Grifter)  and illustrated by Tonci Zonjic (Heralds, Marvel Divas).

Jon Moore is a man on the run hunted by unknown enemies. He does have one wild card–Jake Ellis. A man only Jon can see. Whenever he is in trouble Jake will tell him where his attackers are, how many, where to go and what to do. Somehow he is always one step ahead of his attackers. Who are the people coming after Jon and who is Jake Ellis?

Suspenseful right from the get go, it’s easy to see why this series was constantly sold out when it first shipped. You will definitely not put this book down once you start.

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