Comic Review: The Punisher Welcome Back Frank

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Comic Review: The Punisher Welcome Back Frank

The Punisher Welcome Back Frank

The Punisher Welcome Back Frank

The Punisher 2004 movie was based around this comic and of course it’s hard to capture everything from the book. Especially with Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Boys) writing and Steve Dillon(Thunderbolts, Wolverine:Origins) doing the illustrations for this Marvel title.

The punisher has been gone from New York for quite a while and it’s time to let the people know he’s back in town. A good place to start is taking out the criminal family of Ma Gnucci. Frank has more than enough to contend with the police, daredevil and the Russian on his case. To top it off a couple people are copying The Punisher and killing in the name of justice. It will only be awhile before everything starts to close in on The Punisher.

So many different things going on in this story. The duo of Ennis and Dillon help showcase each others talents once again. It really is quite a hefty read but well worth it. If you haven’t read any Punisher before this is a good jumping on point for new readers.


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