Comic Review: All Star Superman Volume 1

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Comic Review: All Star Superman Volume 1

All Star Superman Volume 1

All Star Superman Volume 1

A stunningly beautiful take on Superman that is a great stand alone series. Grant Morrison (Joe The Barbarian, New X-Men) reminds us why we love Superman as Frank Quitely (Baman and Robin, American Virgin) shows why we love all the places Superman can go.

Lex Luthor has finally done it, he has killed superman. Luthor sabotages a mission to the sun with Superman and Dr. Leo Quintum. From this, Superman gains a new power to project his bio-electric aura which causes his cells to absorb to much solar radiation. He only has one year to live. It’s been said that in the last year of his life the 12 labors of Superman will be completed. This sends superman on some of the most amazing adventures yet across the globe, galaxies and time itself.

Personally I was never a huge fan of Superman but this series made me believe in Superman and see why everyone loves him. So many great friends and adversaries throughout this volume and the next. The illustrations are very warm and inviting it’s like seeing the world through the eyes of Superman himself. Highly recommend this series for older fans and new.

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