Comic Review: Kick-Ass

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Comic Review: Kick-Ass



What would you do if you wanted to be a superhero? Would you spend all your days thinking about it or would you actually do it. Icon’s Kick-Ass, written by Mark Millar (Secret Service, Jupiter’s Legacy) and illustrated by John Romita JR. (Iron Man, Spider Man), asks just that question.

It’s hard being a teenager, knowing how to fit in, getting the girl and all that fun adolescent stuff. To Dave Lizewski that’s all well and good, what’s really important, is being a superhero. Too bad for him that’s when he tried to be one, he got the sh*t kicked out of him and got stabbed. But, that’s not going to stop Dave and pretty soon people are starting to recognize the masked vigilante known as Kick-Ass.

When it first came out this is series was unbelievably popular and it’s easy to see why. It’s a super fun comic that never takes itself seriously at all; over the top violence, vibrant artwork, ridiculous high school situations, great characters and of course, a child who commits murder. What’s there not to love about this comic. Personally, I like the comic book ending more than the one in the movie because hey, you don’t always need a happy ending.

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