Comic Review: Get Jiro

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Comic Review: Get Jiro


Get Jiro

Get Jiro

A comic book written by Anthony Bourdain, can you ask for anything better. If you’ve seen any of his shows than you know you are in for a treat. Along with artist Langdon Foss (Heavy Metal Magazine, Justice League) it is another appetizing entry from Vertigo

Food rules supreme and is the be all end all of life. Chefs are the new power and people will do anything to eat at the best restaurants. Jiro has come all the way to L.A. to open up a sushi restaurant in the outer ring of the city. Over the past 6 months he has been building up an underground reputation as a man who knows his sushi. It doesn’t take long before he attracts the attention of the two main chefs in the inner ring of the city. Both desperate to acquire Jiro, will he pick one over the other or will he forge his own path.

The idea behind this comic is great. A food obsessed society where chefs are like mob bosses vying for territory. Even entertainment like music is based around food. I found that the artwork made me hungry, every thing looked so good.Since it’s written by Anthony Bourdain, if you are a chef or someone who really understands cooking food, you will appreciate this on a whole other level.

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