Comic Review: Happy!

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Comic Review: Happy!

Happy! Volume 1

Happy! Volume 1

What do an aging hit-man and an imaginary flying horse have in common. They are both in Image Comic’s Happy! written by Grant Morrison (X-Men, The Invisibles) and illustrated by Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan, The New Warriors).

Nick Sax is an ex-cop turned hit-man. Finishing up a job, he heads out for the usual–booze and pills. This takes a turn for the worse when he is attacked and lands in the hospital. He wakes up to a blue flying horse named Happy, buzzing around his head.  He tells Nick that he is bugging him for a reason. Nick is the only one who can save the life of a little girl.

Grant is having all kinds of fun with this series. Bent cops, disgusting perverts, liberal violence and imaginary friends. Funny comic with a bit of a dark tone.

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