Comic Review: Caligula Volume 1

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Comic Review: Caligula Volume 1

Caligula Volume 1

Caligula Volume 1

Caligula is a story of revenge with a little twist but keeps all the gore and orgies that go along with his namesake. Avatar comics hosts the story of Caligula through the writing of David Lapham (Stray Bullets, Deadpool:MAX) and with the artwork of German Nobile (Darkstalkers Tribute), they tell a truly harrowing tale.

Junius returns home to find his family butchered in a most grisly manner. This simple olive farmer now sets his sight on revenge against the man who killed his family. Bringing a gift of olive oil he makes his way through the debauchery and violence present in house of Caligula to find the man himself. Taking this moment he kills Caligula only to discover he can not die. Now the play thing of the Emperor himself, Junius spends his time trying to find the secret of Caligula.

A comic that does not shy away from violence and sex. Being that it is about Caligula it’s fitting but it will defiantly turn away those that don’t like decapitated heads and entrails. The art has a very dark and maddening feel to it as well as the writing. If you liked crossed you will probably enjoy Caligula.

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