Comic Review: The Boys Volume 1 The Name Of The Game

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Comic Review: The Boys, Volume 1: The Name Of The Game

The Boys Volume 1 The Name Of The Game

The Boys Volume 1 The Name Of The Game

Imagine a world full of superheroes except they’re all assholes who love sex, drugs and no not music just more sex and drugs. A comic book so apparently grotesque and offensive that Wildstorm cancelled after 6 issues. Picked up by Dynamite Entertainment what author could be responsible for such a controversial comic? Why Garth Ennis (Preacher, Hitman) of course accompanied by artist Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan, Conan The Barbarian).

Wee Hughie (based on Simon Pegg) was just a normal bloke until he met A-Train, a superhero who is part of The Seven. With his life in disarray Billy Butcher is there to help pick up the pieces. He brings Hughie into the fold of The Boys, a CIA funded group whose sole purpose is to monitor superheroes and keep them in check.  Sometimes it’s a stern talking to but a punch or crowbar to the face works best.

If you are looking for a world full of sick and twisted heroes look no further. You’ll be laughing as much as you’ll be cringing and thinking to yourself how is this happening and why!

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