Comic Review: Deadpool Killustrated

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Comic Review: Deadpool Killustrated

Deadpool Killustrated

Deadpool Killustrated

Deadpool is out to kill everyone and to do that he needs to kill the classics. In Marvel’s latest Deadpool mini-series written by Cullen Bunn (Venom, The Sixth Gun) and illustrated by Matteo Lolli (Marvel Adventures Spider-Man, X-Termination), Deadpool kills the literary world.

Having killed all the marvel universe (and parallel universes), Deadpool is still alive. Using the brains of some of the smartest villains, he creates a portal to certain other worlds. They are the worlds where classical literature exists. If he can kill all the classics maybe finally he can get some rest, by bringing about the end of existence.

Picks up where Deadpool Vs. Marvel Universe left off. After a bunch of explaining about why he needs to kill the classics it kicks off. Much more funny and not as serious as the previous mini-series. Definitely pick this up if you want to see where the story is headed.

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