Comic Review: Wanted

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Comic Review: Wanted



Hopefully you haven’t seen the wanted movie, mainly for two reasons. It’s SH*T or so I’ve heard never seen it don’t need to. The other reason–this comic rules. When you read this book you will understand why they couldn’t make the movie truer to the story. Mark Millar (The Authority, The Secret Service) and artist JG Jones (Y The Last Man, Before Watchmen: Comedian) have put together a comic at Top Cow that asks the question, don’t you want to bad?

Wesley Gibson is a loser and he knows it. His girlfriend is screwing his best friend. Everyday he goes to the same dead end job and eats the same boring food. Yup loser. While going to lunch to get the same food again he is approached by a woman who tells him to come with her then proceeds to kill everyone in the shop. She explains that she is part of The Fraternity, they can shoot, kill, rape or destroy anyone without any consequences. Now it’s up to Wesley if he wants to join this elite group.

The story really takes the idea of being a bad guy through all the paces. From the training to alternate universes and even running the world. This is a really enjoyable comic and we are quite lucky to have the whole series in one go. It took two years for all 6 issues to come out so when you get to the last issue keep this in mind as it might have influenced the ending.

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