Comic Review: Testament Volume 1 Akedah

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Comic Review: Testament Volume 1 Akedah

Testament Volume 1 Akedah

Testament Volume 1 Akedah

A series about gods, drugs, technology and the past and present overlapping. An original and thought provoking series from Vertigo written by Douglas Rushkoff (Club Zero-G, A.D.D.) and illustrated by Liam Sharp (Gears Of War, Spawn:The Dark Ages).

Everyone says that the past is repeated in the future but what if that was true? What if the gods we pray to manipulate events that occur in the past and the present simultaneously? Pretty soon Jake Stern and his friends are going to find out!

Such an ambitious and interesting series. The ideas are pretty heavy and the locations span the globe. It may not be for everyone but if it interests you it’s really hard to put down. If you’ve read Club Zero you can see the influences in the ending.

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