Comic Review: Aaron and Ahmed A Love Story

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Comic Review: Aaron and Ahmed A Love Story

Aaron and Ahmed A Love Story

Aaron and Ahmed A Love Story

If you are looking for a love story, sorry this is not the place. If you are looking for a frank discussion on terrorism, religion, beliefs, ideals and how far people go/what they will do–then by golly this ones for you. Writer Jay Cantor (Great Neck, The Death Of Che Guevara) and artist James Romberger (Tales From The Crypt, Gangland) bring this thought provoking tale to Vertigo.

Aaron Goodman works in Guantanamo Bay and has ever since his wife died on 9/11.  He interrogates prisoners trying out new methods based on psychology. If he can get them to trust him and feel as though they are his friend, maybe they will confide in him. It seems that with Ahmed this is beginning to work. But, trust goes both ways and this takes Aaron on a journey that he may never come back from.

It’s a book that really makes question and think about what you are reading and seeing. What would you do? What wouldn’t you do? What would you let happen? This is not a happy book, don’t mistake that for me saying it’s bad quite the opposite. It leaves you with a very satisfying uneasy feeling.

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