Comic Review: Black Summer

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Comic Review: Black Summer

Black Summer

Black Summer

Superheroes with out superpowers. Instead they gain their powers from technologically advanced body modifications. The consequences of wielding unchecked power is addressed  in Warren Ellis’s (Fell, Desolation Jones) and artist Juan Jose Ryp’s (Lady Death, No Hero) Avatar title.

The Seven Guns are a group of young politically aware scientists. Their goal is to fight against corruption and injustice, red tape be damned. John Horus puts the group in danger when he takes it upon himself to kill the president. He tells the public that during his administration crimes were committed that must be accounted for. This sets in motion martial law across the country and the hunting down of the members of The Seven Guns.

A cool take on battling the injustice of government actions and future tech. Switches back and forth from the forming of the group to their present situation. The illustrations are crisp and colorful, they help to emphasize the violence committed and the emotions of the characters.

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