Comic Review: The New Deadwardians

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Comic Review: The New Deadwardians

The New Deadwardians

The New Deadwardians

Post -Victorian England era with zombies and vampires–please sir I’d like some more!  The New Deadwardians from Vertigo is written by Dan Abnett (Transformers, Doctor Who) and illustrated by I.N.J. Culbard (2000 A.D., Time Warp) have brought zombies and vampires into the not to distant past.

It’s 1910 in London and the zombies are at bay for now. This is not the biggest problem at the moment. Chief Inspector George Suttle of the Scotland Yard has been called to the scene of a murder. The victim had already been dead for quite sometime. He was part of the Young. An upper class citizen who voluntarily became a vampire to escape the restless curse. But, now this victim is truly dead and no longer walking the streets. How is this possible?

The story is done in a way where zombies and vampires are the background to a who done it murder. At times the story can be confusing, I found myself mixing up characters because some of them were drawn quite similar. If you are craving more zombies and proper spoken vampires you may enjoy The New Deadwardians.

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