Comic Review: Bedlam Volume 1

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Comic Review: Bedlam Volume 1

Bedlam Volume 1

Bedlam Volume 1

Is evil just something you are or something you do? In this Image comic written by Nick Spencer (Morning Glories, Iron Man 2.0) and illustrations by Riley Rossmo (Proof, Green Wake) the question is asked , can you cure evil?

Madder Red is a psychopathic terrorist who kills for the pure joy of it. After being caught he blows himself up or at least makes it look that way. Now Madder is living a normal life. That is until he recognizes a string a murders. Hoping to help he goes to the police to enlist. Will they accept him or begin to question what he really knows. The bigger question is where did go after he faked his death and how did he get better?

A very brutal series. The artwork is murky and dark which goes along with the strangeness of the characters. Even though you know how much evil this man has done, you’re compelled to see him make a change.

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