Comic Review: Chronicles Of Wormwood Volume 1

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Comic Review: Chronicles Of Wormwood Volume 1

Chronicles Of Wormwood Volume 1

Chronicles Of Wormwood Volume 1

An Avatar story about the Anti-Christ and Jesus, trying to live their lives away from the grip of their fathers. Garth Ennis (The Boys, Preacher) and illustrator Jacen Burrows (Threshold, Crossed) show you two friends trying to avoid their destiny’s.

Danny Wormwood is a successful cable TV executive, who’s life is perfect. He spends his time with his two best friends and a girlfriend who loves him. A couple things, his one friend Jimmy happens to be a talking rabbit. His other friend happens to be the reincarnation of Jesus. He is mildly retarded due to a police brutality incident. Also Danny is the Anti-Christ and his father wants him to start Armageddon. Other than that a pretty normal guy.

Hilariously funny and brutal. If you like comics infused with religion, this one takes you to some pretty interesting places. Best part, their depiction of the pope. He may be different than you remember him.

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