Comic Review: Incognito Volume 1

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Comic Review: Incognito Volume 1

Incognito Volume 1

Incognito Volume 1

What happens when supervillan’s decided to flip on their crime buddies. They join the Witness Protection Agency and start a crime free life of course. Ed Brubaker (Daredevil, Catwoman) and Sean Phillips (Wildcats, Fatale) tell the story of one such man in this Icon series.

Zack Overkill used to live the exciting life of a supervillian. Ever since he testified against his friends, he had to start a new life with the W.P.A.. Now he has a boring office job and is required to take medication to stop his powers. While getting high he finds out that the drugs interfere with his medication. He experiments at night with his powers returned. Now, more than ever, he needs to be careful not to be caught by the government or worse–his former friends.

Excellent series about super powered good guys and bad guys. But with a more modern realistic feel to it. It has that pulp noir appeal that is attributed to Ed and Sean. If you are a fan of these two it’s a definite must read.

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