Comic Review: The LI’L Depressed Boy Volume 1

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Comic Review: The LI’L Depressed Boy Volume 1

The LI'L Depressed Boy

The LI’L Depressed Boy

Step into the life of LDB (LI’L Depressed Boy) who battles with boredom, self seclusion, anti-social behavior and love. This bleak and heartwarming Image comic is written by S. Steven Struble (Chew, United Front) and illustrated by Sina Grace (The Walking Dead, Invincible).

Sick of living in a world of self loathing and doubt, LDB sets out into the world. Leaving the warming and depressing comfort of video games, TV and books behind. It starts with the meeting of a friend for coffee and from this his world begins to change. A chance conversation with a girl and continual random encounters turns into something more. Is LDB starting a new life or simply going through the motions?

A wonderfully simple book that gives much more than you would expect. LDB is a character that we have all seen before. Whether it be a friend we know or us at some point in our lives. The artwork works well with the idea of this series, it’s not trying to be extravagant and over the top. Instead it is exactly what is needed to get the point across. I highly recommended this if you are looking for a more down to earth comic about the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

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