Comic Review: Nemesis

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Comic Review: Nemesis



Imagine that Bruce Wayne decided to take everything that he learned and put all this knowledge towards being evil and murderous just for kicks. Mark Millar (Sin City, Civil War) is back again with artist Steven McNiven (Wolverine: Old Man Logan, Marvel Knights) and have brought Nemesis to Icon.


Blake Morrow is a detective who has been picked to die. Nemesis has come into town following his usual M.O., he picks a law enforcement agent best suited to fight against him. This is usually followed by the death and destruction of said agent. With his life on the line will Blake be able survive or will he become one of the many left dead in the path of Nemesis.

This series is a fun cat and mouse between Nemesis and Blake Morrow. The action is intense and the deaths are awesomely bloody. Only down side is that it’s a quick read so just as your are getting into it’s over. But fear not this September Nemesis two is coming out.

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