Comic Review: Punisher MAX Volume 1 Kingpin

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Comic Review: Punisher MAX Volume 1 Kingpin

Punisher MAX Volume 1 Kingpin

Punisher MAX Volume 1 Kingpin

This is a reboot of the Punisher MAX series with a new continuous storyline. In this volume Jason Aaron (The Other Side, Scalped) and artist Steve Dillon (Skreemer, Preacher) tell the re-imagined origin story of Kingpin.

The Punisher is doing what he usually does–killing bad guys. As he moves through the streets he starts to hear whispers about a boss of bosses coming to town. His name is The Kingpin but The Punisher has never seen or heard of him before. With the streets preparing for his arrival can The Punisher find him. Or will The Kingpin be standing over his dead body–if he even exists that is.

As always the MAX series is known for its gore and violence. It definitely does not disappoint. The new origin of Kingpin is a brutal story that is very satisfying. I liked the previous MAX series but what’s really enjoyable about this series is the continuation. Each volume leads into the next following the ending of the previous issue.

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