Comic Review: The United States Of North America

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Comic Review: The United States Of North America

Throughout the history of the United States, Canada has been a valued conquest that was never realized. But, what if the States was able to conquer Canada? What kind of world would we be living in? This self publicated title is written by David Longworth, Harry Kalensky and Allan Stanleigh and illustrated by Dave Casey (Proof, Cowboy Ninja Viking).

Canada is a thing of the past, welcome to The United States Of North America. On the surface things seem fine but it doesn’t take long to figure out people are not happy. Dissension is not seen or heard it’s dealt with using deadly force. Living in the city all these years Carol Wheeler is oblivious to the worsening conditions of her former country. With a mysterious death in the family, she takes her son on a much needed trip to her sister’s. Soon she is unknowingly thrust into the center of plot to take back Canada.

I was extremely impressed with this comic, it has a lot going for it. An expansive plot that is thought provoking and poignant. There are a ton of characters that are introduced by name alone before they are seen. It doesn’t hold your hand to make sure you know what is happening. But, at the same time it’s not so random that you can’t figure out what is going on. The biggest factor is how real all this feels. You can imagine that if history was different, this might have been our future. I hope you give this comic a try and I hope that somewhere down the line there is a sequel.

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