Comic Review: Punisher Nightmare

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Comic Review: Punisher Nightmare

Punisher Nightmare

Punisher Nightmare

A man who has a similar origin to the Punisher becomes his partner with dire consequences. This mini series is written by Scott Gimple (Simpsons Comics, What If..?) and illustrated by Mark Texeira (Ghost Rider, Hex).

Jake is a special forces soldier who has just come home from Iraq. Happy to be home all he wants to do is spend time with his family. While they are out for a walk in the park, his wife and daughter are gunned down during a mob hit. With revenge being the only thing keeping him going, he sets about his task. It’s during his attack on the people that killed his family that he and the Punisher meet. The punisher, seeing himself in Jake, agrees to help him take his revenge.

To me this is like a what if kinda story but not in the sense that it’s an alternate reality. More so, Jake is the what if the Punisher lost his grip on reality. Since both characters have internal dialogue bubbles we get to see Jake’s slow decline and how his thinking drastically changes. There is more behind Jake’s turn for the worst but you’ll just have to read to find out.

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