Comic Review: New Avengers Vol 1 Breakout

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Comic Review: New Avengers Vol 1 Breakout

Marvel Comics New Avengers Vol 1 Breakout TP

Marvel Comics New Avengers Vol 1 Breakout TP

The aftermath of Avengers Disassembled have left Avengers Mansion in ruins and the team in disarray. Now life must go on without comrades who have fallen and a surprising event awaits them.   Brian Michael Bendis  (Daredevil, Ultimate Spider-man) creates his first Marvel series with artwork done by David Finch (Dark Knight, Ultimatum).

This story directly continues from the Avengers Finale and is the aftermath of the events that occurred in the Avengers Disassembled storyline. With Avengers Mansion destroyed and Tony Stark no longer willing to continue funding for the Avengers, the Avengers have disbanded. Steve Rogers, Captain America, is disillusioned by the events that have occurred but is unwilling to accept it. After all, a leader without a team to lead is no leader at all.  This leads him to try to revive Avengers by recruit old and new members which includes Wolverine and Spider-man are met with much skepticism. Unknown to Rogers and the other potential members is that events are slowing unfolding that will soon have the world needing the Avengers once again.

I have to say that I was still in shock from the events that happened in Avengers Disassembled when this new series came out. Nevertheless, I had to try to go on with life just as Steve Rogers did. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I read the first issue but as the events unfolded in future issues, sure was glad I continue reading it. This series and Avengers Disassembled directly lead into the House of M storyline.  Anyone who wants to read the current Avengers titles MUST read this title as a prerequisite. It is here where Brian Michael Bendis begins to weave his stories that will change the Marvel Universe for years to come. The artwork by David Finch wasn’t too bad either.

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