Comic Review: Untold Tales Of Punisher MAX

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Comic Review: Untold Tales Of Punisher MAX

Untold Tales Of Punisher MAX

Untold Tales Of Punisher MAX

Sadly the ongoing series of the Punisher is done for now but come enjoy these individual stories. This Marvel series is written and illustrated by different pairings each issue, it’s the perfect thing to tide you over till Frank comes back.

The Punisher is known and feared by everyone who has evil in their hearts. A man who will never stop fighting those who bring violence to the street and the innocent people. We’ve all heard the stories of what the Punisher has done. Some of us have even witnessed his brand of vigilante justice first hand. But, some stories aren’t meant to be told, these are the untold tales of the Punisher.

There is a lot to like about this series starting with the authors and illustrators. With each issue having a different pairing you are constantly treated to new interpretations of the Punisher world. Each story does share one similarity, the Punisher takes a back seat to the story itself. He will be seen in a few pages throughout the whole issue but the story will be the main focus. Give this one a try and you won’t be disappointed.

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