Comic Review: Green Lantern Rebirth

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Comic Review: Green Lantern Rebirth

DC Comics Green Lantern Rebirth

DC Comics Green Lantern Rebirth

The long awaited return of Hal Jordan is finally here. Fans of the Silver Age Green Lantern have wondered for many years if or when will he return. This mini series is written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Ethan Van Sciver.

After the events that saw Hal Jordan die while being inhabited by the entity known as the Parallax, he came back the DC Universe as the Spectre for a number of years. Green Lantern Rebirth tells the story of Hal’s return to the Green Lantern Corps as the world is now threaten by another Green Lantern gone rogue, Sinestro. Fighting along side the Justice League, he takes on the daunting task of stopping Sinestro before he can execute his master plan.

An excellent story by master storyteller Geoff Johns who also orchestrated the return of Hawkman in the JSA series. I never was really interested in Green Lantern titles until reading this one. This story is the beginning of the path to Sinestro Corps War and as well Blackest Night. Ethan Van Sciver artwork is excellent and the epic battle scenes between Sinestro and Hal Jordan is well done. If you’re looking for a starting point for Green Lantern, this is definitely the series to pick up!

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