Comic Review: Penguin Pride And Prejudice

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Comic Review: Penguin Pride And Prejudice

Penguin Pride And Prejudice

Penguin Pride And Prejudice

An in depth look at the man behind the penguin. We are able to see how his past shaped him into the man he is today. This mini series by DC is written by Gregg Hurwitz (Batman The Dark Knight, Foolkiller: White Angels) and illustrated by Szymon Kudranski (Farmhouse, Spawn).

The Penguin has not always been the feared and respected man that he is today. It’s taken years of merciless work to climb to the top. There was a time when he was nothing more than just a little boy seeking the acceptance of his family and peers. But, this was something that young Oswald was never able to grasp. Instead he had to teach himself that to be accepted you have to take what should be yours.

An origin story about the Penguin that takes you back and forth between feeling sorry for him and being disgusted by him. It’s a perfect blend of the past being woven into his present situation. The artwork gives off a cold and lonely feeling that is very Penguinesq. Another origin story from the world of Batman that you should be sure to get.

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