Comic Review: Dial H Volume 1 Into You

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Comic Review: Dial H Volume 1 Into You

Dial H Volume 1 Into You

Dial H Volume 1 Into You

A random event gives one man the ability to become an array of random hero’s all at the touch of a rotary phone Another reboot of an older series, DC’s Dial H is brought into the modern era by author China Mieville (Hellblazer) and illustrator Mateus Santolouco (Cover Girl, Two Guns).

Nelson Jent isn’t doing to good, he is overweight, chain smoking and the best days of his life are behind him. Seeing his friend is in danger he tries to help but gets his ass kicked. Trying to call the police on a near by pay phone he is suddenly transformed into Boy Chimney. He becomes a strange creature who can smother people with smoke and use the smoke to fly away. After saving his friend, Nelson returns to the phone to try and understand what just happened.

The series starts off with more questions than answers. But, once you get going there is a clear reasoning behind everything. Mateus does an amazing job of bringing all these wonderful heroes to life with all their strange abilities.  Sadly this series just got cancelled and it’s concluding with issue 15. But, on the bright side it gave them enough time to have a proper ending.

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