Comic Review: The Creep

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Comic Review: The Creep

The Creep

The Creep

A detective must take on an unfortunate case from a former lover. Will he be able to solve the case? A somber tale from Dark Horse written by John Arcudi (Major Bummer, Doom Patrol) and illustrated by Jonathan Case (House Of Night, Batman ’66).

Oxel is a private detective who has had a hard life. Unfortunately for him he has a facial disfigurement which brings him unwanted stares from children and insults from unruly teens. One day he receives a letter from an old friend whom he hasn’t seen in 20 years. The letter describes how her son has committed suicide and that she needs his help to find out why. A comic about how our experiences shape where out futures lie.

This is not a feel good story but one about tragedy and how we go through it. It’s a compelling story, you become very invested in Oxel and the fate of the children. The illustrations are like being in sad, noir pulp style Archie world. If you are looking for a serious read then give The Creep a try.

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