Comic Review: Punisher Noir

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Comic Review: Punisher Noir

Punisher Noir

Punisher Noir

Another series in the Marvel Noir line and this time around it’s the Punisher doling out his vigilante justice. This series is written by Frank Tieri (Weapon X, Iron Man) and illustrated by Paul Azaceta (Grounded, Daredevil).

It’s 1935 and Frank is waking up to start the day by turning the radio on. This is followed by getting his arsenal in order which is a couple of grenades, brass knuckles, knives and couple of pistols with skulls emblems on them. On the way out he grabs a mask with another skull on the front and puts it on. All the necessities needed for a day of vigilante justice 1935 style.

Great series and as usual with the Noir stories there are incarnations of their usual enemies. For the punisher I won’t say who but I was very happy to see they chose this person. Artwork really lends itself to the gritty street feel and the era they’re in. The punisher fits right at home in pre WW2. Do yourself a favor and check out this Noir title.

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