Comic Review: Wonder Woman Amazons Attack

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Comic Review: Wonder Woman Amazons Attack

Wonder Woman Amazons Attack

Wonder Woman Amazons Attack

The women of Amazon attack the citizen’s of earth in a plot to rule the planet. A DC title written by Will Pfeifer (Catwoman, Aquaman) and illustrated by Pete Woods (Legion Lost, Robin).

Wonder Woman is being held prisoner by The Department Of Meta-human Affairs. They are trying to get information about Amazonian technology. This sets in motion an all out war between Earth and the Amazonians. Coming to the aid of her daughter, Hippolyta invades Earth with devastating violence. This is not what Wonder Woman wants but it may be too late for her to stop the attack.

A decent title with the only problem beingĀ  that you may get confused from time to time. I really enjoyed the coloring of the artwork. With some crazy battles, I was surprised to see how violent the Amazonians can get.

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