Comic Review: Spaceman

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Comic Review: Spaceman



The dynamic duo of Brian Azzarello (Tales Of The Unexpected, Deathblow) and Eduardo Risso (Logan, Alien Resurected) are back again to bring you Vertigo’s Spaceman. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, it’s the story of one man’s time in space and how he lives his life here on Earth.

Orson spends his days salvaging for scrap and the money he makes is spent on drugs and computer sex. When his mind isn’t preoccupied he thinks back to his days exploring the surfaces of Mars with his genetic brothers. Orson is not a man but a genetically engineered being created to sustain long flights in space. But, when their program is shut down he must live a life of little importance. It’s not until he happens upon a well known celebrity who has been kidnapped, that his life takes a drastic change

As with 100 bullets it may take some time before you see the whole picture of whats going on. Risso’s artistic style is the perfect thing for a grimy apocalyptic future. They have a cool take on how some people speak using abbreviations and internet lingo. Great thing about the ending is there are a few ways to look at it. Check out the web for people’s opinions, it might just blow your mind.

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