Comic Review: The Punisher Volume 1

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Comic Review: The Punisher Volume 1

The Punisher Volume 1

The Punisher Volume 1

This is the last solo series of the Punisher and in it something quite unexpected happens–he finds a partner. This Marvel series is written by Greg Rucka (Queen & Country, Wonder Woman) and illustrated by Marco Checchetto (Daredevil, Spider-Man).

A horribly tragic event takes place during a day that should be filled with blessings. A wedding is interupted by gun fire killing 30 of 31 people including the groom. The only survivor is U.S. Marine Sergeant Rachel Cole-Alves and she will not sit idly by. Soon her hunt for the killers of her husband and friends will cross paths with the Punisher.

A series that took a couple of issues before I really got behind it. After I did I began to appreciate what they were doing. A deep story line with many intersecting plots. Artwork that seems very real and expressive of emotions. Being that this was the last series, for now, we are very fortunate indeed.

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