Comic Review: Mark Millar’s Jupiter’s Legacy

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Jupiter's Legacy #1 Image Comics

Jupiter’s Legacy #1 Image Comics

Jupiter’s Legacy Image Comics

Fans of Mark Millar rejoice! The creator of best selling comic series such as Kick Ass, Superior, Nemesis and Wanted is back with a brand new title, Jupiter’s Legacy. Teamed with Frank Quitely, penciler of titles such as All-Star Superman and New X-men.  First issue arrived in May 2013 with 4 regular variant covers.

The story starts in 1929 when a group of friends set on a journey to an island that will forever change both their lives and the future of the world. Returning from the island, these friends are given the power to protect the world. Fast forward to the future, their children now have the burden and responsibility to continue what their parents have started.

This series definitely kicks off with a great story that you would expect from Mark Millar and the artwork is superbly drawn by Frank Quitely!

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